How To Survive A Long Haul Flight?

Long Haul Flight

Posted on Jan 10th, 2023 by Arjun Sharma, Last updated on Jan 10th, 2023

Travelling in a plane is like a dream come true for many and a nightmare for some. If you are one of those who are about to travel for long hours, then you should read this blog. The main problem with a long-haul flight is that it gets extremely boring and consumes all your energy if you are not well prepared. It can make your journey much worse in the case of jet lag, where your body’s cycle gets changed due to different time zone. But do not worry at all as we have listed some effective solutions to deal with all this. After their implementation, you will be able to adapt to these long-haul flights quite easily. Here we will tell you some useful tips, things to carry on long-haul flights, and what to wear among others. So let’s get started. 

What Are Long Haul Flights And How Long Are They?

Long-haul flights are the ones that have a minimum of 8 hours of travel duration to up to 17 hours. The time zones get changed multiple times during the course of the journey. Generally, these are international flights but exceptions are always there. 

Tips For Long-Haul Flights

  • Always Prefer To Dress Up In Layers

If you are thinking about what to wear on long-haul flights as there is a constant fluctuation in the temperature of an aeroplane, it is better to dress up in multiple layers to prevent the impact of temperature changes on your body. You might be freezing at one point of time and sweating at another. It will get easier for you to remove the layers of clothing if sweating occurs and wear them again if there is a freezing temperature.

  • Keep Headphones With You

Music can be your ultimate stress buster on long-haul flights. You can keep the headphones along with you. It will help you in avoiding jet lag as much as possible.

  • Carry A Survival Kit With You

You can have some home comforts while in the air by putting together a useful “survival kit” to bring on your travel on a long-haul flight. You can go to sleep with the use of an eye mask, ear plugs, an inflatable or travel cushion, and a blanket. However, before you fall asleep, be careful to hide your valuables out of sight. A tiny jar of moisturiser and eye drops can help counteract the drying effects of the cabin air, while a tiny tube of toothpaste, a toothbrush, and face wipes will allow you to freshen up. But keep in mind that liquids must be transported in clear, sealable plastic bags and are only allowed in hand luggage in quantities of 100ml or less per item. Painkillers might also be useful to have on hand in case of emergency and carry the medical prescription along with you.

  • Set Your Daily Pattern According To That Time Zone

Try to set the daily pattern of your body according to that time zone so that you are able to adapt to the time faster. In this way, your jet lag will also get reduced. Try to sleep and eat according to that time zone only. If you are travelling towards the west, then delay all your daily schedules by 2-3 hours and if you are travelling towards the east, then you should prefer to sleep and eat well before your current time schedule.

  • Decide On A Window Seat

The window seat is definitely the finest choice for you if you are ready to endure a 10-hour flight (unless you have extremely long legs, then you should take the aisle seat). You will quickly come to appreciate having a window to rest your head on during the flight. Even while it might not be the most comfortable sleeping arrangement, having one at all is preferable!

  • Beat The Boredom

Keeping busy with a variety of activities while on board is essential to make the time pass and help you feel like the journey is going quickly. On-board entertainment will usually be provided, so to check out the films that are likely to be showing, log on to your airline’s website. However, downloading a selection of your favourite movies or TV shows onto your laptop or iPad will ensure you don’t have time to get bored.

Things To Do On A Long Flight

This is one of the most common questions among travellers and here we will tell you some great things you can do to make your travel on a long-haul flight much better.

  • Watch Movies:- If you want to spend your free time on long-haul flights then you can watch some long-hour movies. They are great to spend some quality time and make it productive as well.  
  • Do Your Office Work:- Want to meet the deadline for an office job? No worries then, long-haul flights are the best option for you to do that. 
  • Play Cards:- You can play cards on a long-haul flight if you want. It is considered a great option to pass time.
  • Walk In The Airline Cabin:- You can walk around the airline cabin, it is a great way to keep yourself busy. You will feel much better in this way.
  • Crossword and Wordsearch:- Quizzes like these completely stress you out on a long-haul flight. You can play crossword and word search here. It can easily pass your flight duration.

What to take on a long-haul flight?

There are some essential items that you must carry on your long-haul flight. These little things will make your travel easy and relaxing. These things are-

  • Reusable water bottle:- A good quality water bottle is highly essential for you. It is good to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Eyemasks and Earplugs:- Use of eyemasks and earplugs is good for you. Eyemask helps your eyes to sleep and earplugs help you to avoid outside noise. 
  • Lip Balm:- Always prefer to carry a lip balm along with you because aeroplanes are super dehydrating, and sudden changes in aeroplane temperature can harm your lips.
  • Moisturizer Hand Lotion:- It is good to keep your skin in good condition. For that, you need a moisturiser and a hand lotion. Sudden fluctuations in airline temperature will affect your body temperature as well. 

What To Wear On Long Haul Flights?

There are a lot of things that you can wear on long-haul flights. Here are some alternatives for you:-

  • Lose Fitting Or Stretchy Clothing:- The necessity of wearing loose-fitting or stretchy clothes is more than anything else. For a long flight, you need to be in utmost comfortable clothing. Shoes and socks should also be comfortable to keep your body temperature normal.
  • T-Shirt Or Top:- Comfortable t-shirts and tops are also the best-considered options if you are travelling to far places in an aeroplane.
Check in for Long Haul Flights

The check-in time of most flights is around two to three hours before the flight departure. It is good to reach the airport well before the time period so that you can adjust yourself to the upcoming travel.

We hope that you have got the appropriate solution to all your queries related to long-haul flights. 

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