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General Questions

Ans: Yes, MyTicketsToIndia sends the itinerary via email so the travel dates and cities can be verified. However, we won’t be able to hold the fare unless it is booked. The airfares are subject to change and MyTicketsToIndia has no control over the same.
Ans: For infants (kids below 2 years of age) who can be carried on laps, no charges are applied. Also, the policy allows an adult traveler of 12 years or above to carry one infant only. In case of a round trip in which the kid is below 2 years during the departure journey but will be above 2 years during the arrival journey, the kid will be considered as a child and full ticket will have to be purchased for him/her. However, these policies may differ from airline to airline. For exact details, call us on our toll-free number and our travel experts will clear the doubts.
Ans: MyTicketsToIndia is a portal with rich experience in helping people score cheap flights even in the nick of time. However, you must have 4-5 hours at hand before the flight’s scheduled departure.
Ans: Yes, according to rules and regulations of the airlines, a seat or multiple seats can be reserved. However, the same fares for the bookings can’t be guaranteed unless booked.
Ans: You can make reservations for 9 people at a time. In case of more reservations, kindly give us a call or join our live chat. We’ll try our best to make you all travel together.
Ans: MyTicketsToIndia confirms the spellings some five times because airlines do not entertain name changes because of security reasons after the ticket is issued. In case such an issue springs, give us a call on our toll-free number so we try helping you out. But please note that it’s a difficult situation and care must be taken while sharing how your name is spelled.
Ans: Once your journey has begun, it is advisable to contact the Airline or service provider in the city/country where you are situated for any kind of assistance.
Ans: Consolidators are travel agencies that offer flight tickets to various airlines. MyTicketsToIndia has come to an agreement with various airlines to purchase certain seats in advance. Policies are similar for an advance purchase ticket.
Ans: MyTicketsToIndia confirms the spellings some five times because airlines do not entertain name changes because of security reasons after the ticket is issued. In case such an issue springs, give us a call on our toll-free number so we try helping you out. But please note that it’s a difficult situation and care must be taken while sharing how your name is spelled.
Ans: MyTicketsToIndia is a member of IATAN and ASTA, both widely recognized and reputable Travel Organizations in the US and Internationally.
Ans: MyTicketsToIndia was established in 2013 under its parent company Shipra Travels.
Ans: We believe in the welfare of our community by offering cheaper fares with an unbiased listing of fares, unlike other major travel websites.

Airport Queries

Ans: Children between the age of 5 and 17 can travel unaccompanied. However, relevant documents are needed to be submitted at the airport in person. Therefore, a guardian has to be physically present there. To understand the restrictions, guidelines, and service charges involved (as it varies for each airline), connect with our travel experts so you can be guided well in advance. Usually, the last flights of the day and connecting flights are also denied to unaccompanied minors.
Ans: All the international airports have kiosks where the currency can easily be exchanged so there’s nothing to worry about.
Ans: Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) in Delhi and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM) airport in Mumbai are the busiest and the best airports not only in India but worldwide.
Ans: If you are technologically-sound, you can book cabs (OLA, Uber, Meru, etc) to commute from the airport to your destination. You can also take advantage of the taxis standing outside the airports. They will readily take you to your spot. Because all airports have taxi services available, you need not worry about transportation.

Flight Queries

Ans: Most airlines charge for in-flight meals, so you can place a meal request of your choice while purchasing flight tickets online, or you can call the airline directly. Special meal requests should be done 24 hours in advance of the flight departure.
Ans: It is required that you enter the exact name, credit card number, and zip code as given in your credit card statement. Please contact the credit card company to confirm the information. If you are still facing problems, then contact our customer care service for any assistance needed.
Ans: Children under the age of 24 months traveling internationally from the Ufa should pay a percentage of the adult fare. Children traveling internationally from India should pay 10% of the adult fare. To book an infant fare, contact our customer services.
Ans: Airline fares keep on changing frequently. There is no guarantee until the ticket is purchased. So nobody can quote an exact airline fare via email.
Ans: Based on the demand and availability of the seats, airfares change frequently. Between the time of your flight search and booking of flight, the seat inventory may sell out. Airlines then provide their customers with the seats left to book at a higher price. Although, we monitor the fares closely and strive to update you regarding fares.
Ans: Yes. The team of MyTicketsToIndia is available to receive your travel queries at any time of the day or night. Please contact our customer service team for any information regarding your next travel.
Ans: The new Airline Passenger Protection Rules of the U.S. Department of Transportation regarding the advertisement of airline fares and baggage fees became effective in 2012. All airfares listed include all taxes and airline fees associated with the ticket cost. The ticket cost includes the base airfare and U.S. and applicable taxes.
Ans: According to airline regulations, holding reservations is prohibited. Furthermore, find discounted airfares only at MyTicketsToIndia, without the hassle of purchasing the tickets immediately. It must be noted that airfares are not guaranteed until they aren’t ticketed.
Ans: Generally, a seating map appears where you can select your seat preference at the time of booking.
Ans: All airfares are subject to change without any prior notice and are not guaranteed until the ticket isn’t issued. In the event of a technical error causing an incorrect fare (also known as mistake fares), the travel agency and the airline reserve the right to advise one of the correct fares within a few business days of the booking. It is advised to read additional information regarding the fame in the Terms and Conditions Agreement.
Ans: Generally, most airlines allow unaccompanied minors to travel in their airlines. To verify restrictions and regulations regarding unaccompanied minor travel, it is beneficial to contact the airline before purchasing the ticket.

General Guidelines:

  • Children between the ages of 5 to 17 can travel unaccompanied. The age restriction can vary depending on the airline.
  • Many of the airlines require unaccompanied minors to travel on direct or non-stop flights only, where even if the flight makes a stop, there is no requirement of change of flights.
  • Unaccompanied minors are permitted to travel on the last flight of the day.
  • Most airlines provide supervision services for minors from the time of boarding until the flight is landed. This service is known as ‘Unaccompanied Minor Service’ and the guardian of the minor would be charged for the fame. The fee is supposed to be paid directly to the airline during the time of check-in.
  • A birth certificate or other identification documentation of the minor is needed to show at the airport. Adults escorting the minor to the flight also need to carry their identification so they can get a pass to escort the child through security checkpoints.
  • It is mandatory to let the airline know of the adult (and their identification) that will meet the minor at the destination.Standby reservations are not allowed for unaccompanied minor travel.
Ans: To make any changes to an existing reservation, the customer must contact the customer service team. It is best to note that airlines charge a certain amount of fee per change of ticket and any difference in fare concerning the flight chosen. The airline penalty fees start at $100 per ticket and increase from there onwards. Additional rules and fees may be applied.
Ans: When changing an existing ticket, several penalties would be issued, which includes:
  • Airlines have the right to impose additional penalties.
  • The new ticket can be of a higher fare, thus, resulting in additional charges.
  • A service fee on behalf of MyTicketsToIndia will also be applied.
Ans: Usually, airlines do not pre-assign all the seats in an aircraft. Along with the Bulk Head and Emergency Exit row seating, sometimes the airline also leaves unassigned seats for other airline employees or frequent passengers, etc. Therefore, if you have a confirmed booking, but have not been assigned a seat yet, it is necessary to reach the airport three hours before the departure time, as only airport personnel can assign the unassigned seats. During this time, seats will be assigned based on a first-come, first-serve.
Ans: It is important to note that all reservations must be made with the official name of the person traveling. During the time of booking flight tickets, one must remember to add the name that appears on the passenger’s government-issued identification. Airlines do not allow the change of names due to the increased security rules. However, if there is an error in the spelling of your name, then you can contact our customer service team for assistance.
Ans: If your paper tickets are lost or stolen, you must immediately contact our customer service team for assistance regarding the same. Our representatives will help you in filing a lost ticket application.

Generally, the airline asks the passenger to purchase a replacement ticket at the current fare. Depending on the airline, if the passenger’s original tickets are not in use after a particular period, generally 6 to 12 months, the customer receives a credit for the purchase price of the replacement ticket, which is less than the application fee.

The fee varies from an airline to another airline and is approximately $100 per passenger. It is to be kindly noted that these policies and fees are subject to change at any time and every airline has its own rules for air ticket replacement. MyTicketsToIndia works under these rules and policies and wishes every customer can adhere to them.

Ans: If there is any kind of flight change, then MyTicketsToIndia makes every kind of attempt to notify its travelers through email or phone. However, sometimes, if the travel company fails to do so, one can always reconfirm their itinerary with the airlines under 72 hours before the time of departure. In some cases, these changes may require the issuance of a new ticket.

Please note that once a customer has accepted the schedule change from the airline, then future changes requested by the customer would require a payment of the penalties or fees. However, if the airline changes the flight schedule without you requesting them, then you won’t be charged for the same.

Ans: Discounted tickets, although economical, are generally non-refundable. These restrictions on such types of tickets make it possible for MyTicketsToIndia to offer special offers on already deeply discounted fares. It is to be noted that the customer should agree with certain terms and conditions before booking any reservation. Once you decide to cancel the reservation, you would be subjected to the terms of canceled as stated in our agreement.
Ans: Mostly all airlines offer wheelchair assistance to people with difabilities. You just need to let the airline or the travel agent know the fame at least 48 hours prior to the departure of the flight.
Ans: If the email received by you says that, it means that the booking is still not confirmed by the airline. The airline should email a confirmed itinerary once your credit card has been charged and tickets are issued. If the problem persists, please contact our Customer Service team for assistance.
Ans: At the time of the booking, you would be notified whether you are getting an e-ticket or a paper ticket. However, if there is any change, you would be notified in less than 24 hours of your booking.
Ans: To reconfirm your reservation, you must contact the airline at least 72 hours before the departure.
Ans: Partially used tickets are of no value. In some cases, unused tickets can be exchanged for a new one. This usually happens when the airline allows the changes. Although, if the passenger doesn’t show up for the flight, then the unused ticket stands of no value. For detailed information, contact our customer care.
Ans: An additional passenger can only be booked if you make a new reservation. Fares change every moment and the agency or the airline can’t guarantee the availability of the original flight fare.
Ans: Most airlines have switched to offer electronic tickets so that there is no hassle of losing the paper ticket or worrying about theft. While traveling with e-tickets, the passenger should not forget to carry their government-issued identification document such as a passport to the airport.

Some airlines allow the passengers to check-in online and print their boarding passes up to 24 hours before departure. Passengers should print their boarding pass to proceed through security. Customers with checked-in baggage or e-tickets without a printed boarding pass should go to the ticket counter before proceeding to the security checkpoint.

All passengers are advised to reconfirm their flight 72 hours before departure.

Ans: Many United States carriers have changed their baggage allowances for carry-on and check-in baggage. Some airlines charge fees for the second bag and the carry-on luggage. Please contact the airlines for an update on the policies.
Ans: In the case that you have changed planes, the airlines would have a baggage agreement. In this process, your luggage would be checked till your final destination. If the airline does not have a baggage agreement, then the passenger must go to Baggage Claim at the first airport. The passenger must check their baggage before departure of their next flight till the final destination.
Ans: Your itinerary does mention the baggage alert. If the alert is there, then the airline does not have a baggage agreement. You should contact the airline to confirm whether the baggage would be checked to the final destination or you would need to claim your baggage when you change planes.
Ans: If the passenger has missed their flight, then the airline reserves the right to mark your ticket as a ‘No Show’ reservation, which means the ticket booked is of no value anymore and would not be changed or refunded. If you are on your way to the airport and feel that you might miss your flight, you should inform the airline immediately to avoid the ‘No Show’ situation.

If by chance you miss your subsequent flight, then one miss immediately goes to the nearest ticket counter for the airline. If the issue is under the control of the airline, then the airline must protect you on the next available flight. If the issue is due to weather, air traffic, or completely your fault, then it is the airline’s will to protect you or not. If the airline decides to not protect the passenger, then it is the passenger’s responsibility to find their way to the final destination. It is important to note that when a passenger misses one flight on their itinerary, then all the consequent flights will also be canceled under the ‘No Show’ circumstance.

Ans: If you cannot travel due to any circumstances, you must call the travel agency or the airline immediately. If you decide to not show up at the airport, then your itinerary will be marked as a ‘No Show.’
Ans: There is proper documentation needed depending on the city the passenger is departing from to the city they are traveling to. To answer the question in detail, you need to call the airline you are traveling with and ask them for assistance on the requirement of identification documents. This responsibility is solely on the passenger and neither the airline nor MyTicketsToIndia would be held accountable if the passenger shows up at the airport with insufficient or invalid travel documents. The airline holds the authority to deny the passenger to board the flight if the documents are invalid or insufficient.
Ans: Other than the baggage fees, there are airport entry and exit fees as well. These fees are charged by the airports and neither the travel agency nor the airline collects them. This fee is usually collected during the process of immigration. For more information, you can always contact the airline directly.
Ans: MyTicketsToIndia allows airfare accumulation of frequent flyer miles. However, there are exceptions to this rule. The passengers must check the specific airfare rules before reserving their flight tickets.
Ans: MyTicketsToIndia does not allow customers to use frequent flyer miles to upgrade or discount our already discounted airfares. In addition, frequent flyer miles need to be exchanged directly with the airline under the credit company you have an alliance with.
Ans: The passenger cannot apply airline vouchers or coupons towards a booking through MyTicketsToIndia.
Ans: Sometimes these changes are insignificant and would involve a change of aircraft, flight number, or a minor change in the departure or the arrival time. However, at times these changes can be more significant like change in the departure or arrival city, travel dates, or even discontinued service to your choice of destination.

MyTicketsToIndia ensures to keep you updated whether the change is minor or severe. Since schedule changes can happen at any given time, MyTicketsToIndia strongly recommends passengers verify their departure time and flight numbers with the airline 72 hours before departure.

If there is a major schedule change and you are not comfortable with the new flight(s), then you must immediately contact our customer service team. MyTicketsToIndia will contact the airline on your behalf and discuss other available options.

Ans: At times, airlines do change their flight schedules. In this case, MyTicketsToIndia makes sure to notify the passenger via e-mail. Usually, schedule changes do not have a major impact on the itinerary and are not listed in the e-mail. If otherwise, a customer service representative makes sure to contact the passenger and notify him of the updated itinerary that will also be sent via e-mail.

Your journey with MyTicketsToIndia is not over until you have reached your final destination and we make sure you do so without any issues.

  • Published Fares – Fares that are sold by the airline.
  • Bargain Fares – Discounted fares that are sold by the airline.
  • Exclusive Fares – Specially discounted fares that are available on our website.
  • Senior: Travelers that are 65 years old or more. The fares are not discounted on all flights.
  • Adult: Travellers aged between 18 – 64.
  • Children: Travelers aged between 2 – 12. Most airlines charge the full amount of fare for children older than 11.
  • Infant: Children under the age of 2. If the adult traveling with the infant wishes to hold the infant on their lap, then they must do so throughout the flight journey. Usually, a fee is charged on international flights for infants riding on the lap as well.
  • Roundtrip Destination: When you fly from one location i.e A to another location i.e B and then fly back to A.
  • One Way Destination: When you fly from one location i.e A to another location i.e B and don’t plan on returning.
  • Multiple Destinations: When you visit several locations and therefore need to opt for flights between each destination.
Ans:In a flight, there are three classes of service that are the coach or economy class, business class, and first-class seating.
  • Coach or Economy Class: The seating in the main cabin area where the seats are the least expensive.
  • Business-Class: It tends to offer seats with more legroom, seats which recline further, and upgraded meal service. Business-class tickets are a little on the higher end of the budget.
  • First-Class: It is usually located in the cabin area which is near to the front side of the aircraft. The seats are way more comfortable and the meals are delicious. Other perks that come with the booking of a first-class seat are the shorter lines at check-in and the use of the airport’s business lounge. First Class fares are very costly and not all airlines offer them.

Flight Options:

  • Nonstop Flights: Airlines that do not stop during the journey or the passengers needn’t change planes to reach their final destination.
  • Stops, but no change of flights: These flights would have up to two landings and departures.
  • Connecting Flights: Flights with one or more landing and departures where the passengers would need to disembark the plane and re-board their next flight.

Ans:If you are planning to board a domestic flight, then you need to carry your boarding pass, a government identification document with a copy of your itinerary. A valid passport is required for all types of air travel outside of United States. Furthermore, many countries also require a visa for entry.
Ans: Yes. The passenger should reconfirm their international flights at least 72 hours in advance and their domestic flights at least 24 hours before departure by contacting the Airline. The airline reserves the right to cancel a booking if reservations are not confirmed again, even if the ticket has been issued.
Ans:Usually, many countries ask for special documentation for entry with a one-way ticket and few countries have added this requirement very recently due to security reasons. It is the passenger’s responsibility to secure the necessary entry documents before departure. MyTicketsToIndia would not be held responsible for tickets purchased without the necessary documentation before departure.
Ans: When a passenger is traveling, he or she is required to provide follow Security Flight Passenger Data during the time they are reserving their flight seat. That data consists of the full name of the traveler (same as their name on the government identification document), date of birth, gender, redress number (if available).
Ans:It is a program of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that collects the passenger’s information and helps improve the travel experience for all passengers.
Ans:The program aims to:
  • Identification of suspected (known) terrorists.
  • Prevention of individuals on the No-Fly List.
  • Facilitate passenger air travel.
  • Protection of individuals’ privacy.
  • Subject individuals on the Selectee List to enhanced
  • screening to determine if they are permitted to fly.
Ans:It is advantageous to the passenger to provide the required information as doing so would help in not delaying the flight or any other inconvenience that the passengers could face at the airport. This would lead to the differentiation of you from the individual that is a suspect.
Ans:It is a unique number assigned to the passenger by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) who had been previously identified as a suspect at the airports.
Ans:The name provided by you at the time of the booking is used to match the watch list before the boarding pass is even issued. The passenger should ensure that the name provided when booking your journey matches the government identification. If there is a difference in the name, it would be an issue for the passenger only.
Ans:If a passenger wishes to travel with their pet, they need to contact the airline directly for assistance. Here are the policies for passengers traveling with pets:
  • If it is not a guide dog but a pet, passengers should request the airlines for special handling services that are charged additionally.
  • Pets in the cabin are limited by size and number.
  • Airlines have restrictions and can ask the passenger to let their pet travel in the baggage compartment of the flight.
  • Shipping containers should meet the minimum standard for size, ventilation, strength, hygiene, and be designed for safe handling.
  • The health certificates of the pet should be carried.
  • Certain breeds are restricted by the airlines as they have difficulty breathing at high altitudes.
Ans: MyTicketsToIndia will not be held liable for the failure of travel service providers such as airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, consolidators, etc. MyTicketsToIndia is a travel management service supplier and does not guarantee or ensure the services offered by the provider.

In the case, the provider offers services where the payment has been made, the sole recourse for refund will be the responsibility of the providers. If the provider does not refund the amount, you can pursue any recourse against the provider which is permitted by the law.

MyTicketsToIndia guarantees the highest standards of service provided and carefully selects providers to protect the passenger. Except as stated herein, MyTicketsToIndia does not take the responsibility for any action related to anything beyond our control.

MyTicketsToIndia shall not be held liable for any error, act, injury, theft, accident, damage, delay, or irregularity that is the fault of the provider of travel products. MyTicketsToIndia will not be held responsible for fluctuation in price, change in schedule or accommodation, or any other consequences which would occur after the payment of the service.

MyTicketsToIndia is a travel service company that strives to provide value-added service to retail travel agents. For your convenience, MyTicketsToIndia has provided the service agency fee in the fare quoted. Our service agency fee varies depending on various factors like market conditions, time & effort spent on locating the tickets you request with the best prices, upgrades, any other form of payment, etc.

The team of MyTicketsToIndia believes in 100% customer satisfaction and if in any case, we do not meet your expectations, we ensure to refund you except when tickets have been issued. Then, there might be a penalty involved. Discounts offered can vary depending on various factors like use of airlines, service class, destination, the time of the year (Peak or Off Season), provision of advance notice, fulfillment of minimum stay requirements, and flight load.

Billing and Payments

Ans: Kindly share the credit card details as mentioned in the credit card statements. The accuracy of the same must be double-checked. An alternative option is to use another credit card.
Ans: Airlines have their own refund policies which MyTicketsToIndia is bound to agree to. Usually, discounted reservations are non-refundable but each airline has a different set of rules and regulations to comply with. Hence, it is recommended to clear these things right in the beginning.
Ans: If you canceled the flight on the same day that you booked it, no charges will be applicable and a full refund will reflect in your account in 3 to 5 days. If you cancel it after a day, some non-refundable charges will be levied and the remaining amount will be refunded in 7 to 14 working days since it involves the airline to confirm the same.
Ans: If the reservation is canceled the same day the flight ticket was booked, then the funds that the airline was supposed to receive would not be collected. Your funds would be credited to your account in 3-7 business days, depending on your banking institutions. Sometimes, prepaid credit card companies keep the pending authorizations on hold for up to 30 days. If the airline allows cancellation the day after booking the flight, then funds of the airline portions would be refunded in 1 to 2 weeks of business days. It completely depends on the policies of the airline and the banking institutions.
Ans: Generally, the email stating refunds are about seat assignments requests that weren’t fulfilled by the airline. This refund does not affect your airline ticket purchase.
Ans: If you have received an email with duplicate charges from MyTicketsToIndia, you should get in touch with the Billing Department for assistance at 1-585-948-0222
Ans: Kindly confirm with your banking institution whether the charges in question have been posted or are pending in your account. At the time of reserving a ‘pending charge’ is placed on your account for the full amount. The bank puts a hold on the amount until the transaction has been cleared. With a successful transaction in 2-3 business days, the money will be deducted from your account and the hold would be released. Please allow time for the same to happen as each banking company has its own timelines. Secondly, your initial quote may not include seat charges, insurance, or any additional services that you must have requested. These services are charged at the time the seats are selected and will increase the total cost of your journey.
Ans: Unless specified, all prices are displayed and quoted in U.S Dollars (USD) and all charges are subject to change in U.S Dollars. If you are using a non-U.S credit card, you need to contact your banking institution for details on the charges of currency conversion. A non-U.S credit card may charge a certain amount of fee for processing purchases made in U.S Dollars.
Ans: If the refund request was made 48 hours after the purchase of the flight ticket then it is solely under the airlines to approve of the refund. If approved, the refund would usually be generated in 1-2 billing cycles. In some cases, refunds may take longer than usual. In that case, you can contact your banking institution for assistance.
Ans: Flight tickets purchased through MyTicketsToIndia are 100% non-refundable unless stated otherwise. Usually, airline tickets have rules regarding changes and cancellations. MyTicketsToIndia cannot change the rules according to the customer’s preference. Once the cancellation of the ticket has been requested, the rules of your ticket are governed by the airline and the refund is at their discretion.
Ans: You may get in touch with customer service at 1-585-948-0222 for any assistance relating to your reservation and your journey.
Ans: When a customer requests a waiver with the airline, MyTicketsToIndia forwards all necessary documentation to the airline on the customer’s behalf. Then it is under the airline as to when the request would be processed. MyTicketsToIndia assures to keep you informed about the status of the waiver and if any additional documentation is required.
Ans: It is not possible for the credit card to be switched after the transaction has been charged.
Ans: Airfares include the airport, arrival and departure taxes, and fuel surcharges. To need a complete breakdown, one needs to contact the airline directly. Your email confirmation also provides the total charges including all taxes and fees.
Ans: In some cases, banking institutions and credit card companies impose a fee for international transactions. This happens when a booking is made from outside the U.S. Your bank converts the payment to your local currency and there is a fee charged for this process. The exchange rate and foreign transaction fee are determined by the bank or the credit card company.

Baggage Allowance

Ans: Yes, check-in and cabin baggage policy vary as per the class you choose to fly in. The hierarchy goes something like – First-class, Business-Class, Premium-Economy, and Economy. While First-class flyers are allowed to carry the maximum number of pieces or the maximum weight, Economy-class flyers are allowed to carry the least.
Ans: In case the airlines you book with have a checked baggage agreement, you won’t have to worry a bit as it will reach the destination without any hassles. In case of no agreement, you might have to check-in the baggage again.
Ans: Get in touch with MyTicketsToIndia and we’ll sort the problem for you, giving details regarding the same.
Ans: If the flights are on the same ticket, you’ll be allowed to carry the more generous allowance. However, there are too many if(s) and but(s) associated with this that it’ll be difficult to list down here. Some of the things taken into consideration are the airlines in question, IATA certification, domestic/international legs of the journey, the time period between the flights, etc. Connect with our travel experts to get a deep insight into this.

Travel Insurance

Ans: No, most of the travel insurance won’t cover you if you travel against the warnings issued in the public interest by the government.
Ans: Flights canceled for insured reasons like illness, you can claim your travel insurance to recoup your loss.
Ans: Travel insurances mainly and usually cover trip cancellations, delays, lost luggage, death of a traveling companion, severe injury, and medical emergencies. Basically any financial losses before or during the trip are covered by the travel insurance policies.
Ans: No. Glasses, hearing aids, dental bridges, passports, cash, phones, and tickets are not covered under travel insurance if your baggage is lost, damaged, or delayed.
Ans:During the flight, the flight protection plan would cover the insured or a travel companion/family member/business partner if affected in terms of sickness, injury, or death. A doctor must provide the treatment and exclusions would apply, if there are pre-existing medical conditions.

Reasons for Flight Protection Plan Cover:

  • Insured’s principal residence is uninhabitable by natural disaster or burglary.
  • Required to serve on a jury or quarantined.
  • Involved in a traffic accident.
  • Unpleasant weather, mechanical breakdown, or unannounced strike.
  • A terrorist incident in the city is listed in the traveler’s itinerary.
  • Identificant document theft.
  • The bankruptcy of an airline.
  • Reasons for No Flight Protection Plan

  • Travel arrangements are canceled by the travel agency or the airline.
  • Change in your plans.
  • Normal pregnancy or childbirth.
  • Financial circumstances.
  • Business obligations.
  • Anything not listed under the Flight Protection Plan Cover.
Ans: If you are certain you cannot travel, call the airlines directly to cancel or the MyTicketsToIndia Customer Service at 1-585-948-0222.
Ans: No, the Travel Protection Plan does not cover cancellation for any reason except the reasons listed in the plan’s agreement. Please review the covered reasons or contact our Customer Service team for any further information regarding the same.

Visa and Passport

Ans: Yes, a valid passport with a six-month validity and Visa are needed to travel from the USA to India apart from other documents.
Ans: If you are an OCI holder, you can fly to India even if you do not have the mandatory 6-month validity.
Ans: Yes, if you fill the application under the “emergency” section, you can get your Visa in a day or two easily.
Ans: Visa validity refers to the date the travel document expires. The Indian tourist visa is valid for up to 1 year and grants multiple entries. Duration refers to the maximum period a person can stay in the country with a permitted visa.
Ans: The process of acquiring a passport can be accelerated based on the requirements. With ‘Sharp Link,’ your passport can be delivered to you on the same day or three to five days later.
Ans: The price of Visa and Passport comprises delivery charges, rush charges (if you need your passport quickly), government documentation fees, and service charges.
Ans: Most countries require a valid passport for at least 6 months past their scheduled departure to the United States. If you need a multiple entry visa, and the passport is going to expire soon, then consider renewing the passport first.
Ans: Regardless of age, every traveler must have a valid passport of their own. For children under 14, parents or legal guardian’s consent is needed.
Ans: One needs to apply for a name change amendment in their passport under their new name.

Special Assistance

Ans: Mostly all airlines offer wheelchair assistance to people with disabilities. You just need to let the airline or the travel agent know the same at least 48 hours prior to the departure of the flight.
Ans: While some airlines are spacious enough to allow stretchers, others are not. You’ll have to get in touch with our travel professionals who’ll give you the details regarding which all airlines offer this service.

Deals and Discounts

Ans: MyTicketsToIndia offers exclusive call-only deals, festive discounts, last-minute and business sale on flights, and group discounts. These can help slash the airfares to a great extent, helping you save big!
Ans: MyTicketsToIndia has exclusive contracts with airline consolidators who buy bulk tickets from airlines at negotiated prices. This helps us offer unbeatable airfares at discounted prices to our clients.
Ans: We, at MyTicketsToIndia, offer discounts to military personnel only if the airline they want to book with (or we recommend to book with) offer discounts on the same.
Ans: We, at MyTicketsToIndia, offer discounts to senior citizens only if the airline they want to book with (or we recommend to book with) offer discounts on the same.

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