Air India Air India AI169 Flight Status

Amritsar (ATQ) London (LHR)
Tuesday, June 18th 2024
07:04 IST
Tuesday, June 18th 2024
10:44 BST


AI169 Current Flight Status

AI169 is an Air India flight from Amritsar (ATQ) to London (LHR). The scheduled time of departure for AI169 from Amritsar (ATQ) is **07:04 IST** and the scheduled time of arrival in London (LHR) is **10:44 BST**. The duration of the flight according to the live flight status is **8 Hours 10 Minutes**. The flight departs from Amritsar (ATQ) Airport’s Terminal - and arrives at London (LHR) Airport’s Terminal 2. You can track AI169 live flight status here.

AI169 Flight Deals from Amritsar (ATQ) to London (LHR)

AI 169 | Air India Amritsar to London Flight Status

Want to know the details of the AI169 flight status? Check them here. Air India AI 169 is a Amritsar to London flight operated by Air India, using Boeing 787-8 planes. It covers an aerial distance of 6335 KM which is 3936 in miles to connect Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport (ATQ) with Heathrow Airport (LHR).

**Apart from the status of Air India flight AI 169, you can also track the round-trip London to Amritsar flight status.

Disclaimer: While the reliability of Air India flight status AI 169 is to the best of our knowledge, kindly note that the AI 169 flight status showcased here is for informative purposes only. MyTicketsToIndia takes no answerability for any occurrences arising as a sequel of relying on the given AI 169 status.

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AI 169 Flight Details

TypeInternational Flight
Departure AirportSri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport (ATQ)
Arrival AirportHeathrow Airport (LHR)
Flight Distance6335 km
AircraftBoeing 787-8
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